The Importance of Diet in Your Workout

African American Young Woman Enjoying A Healthy Snack At The Gym

Incorporating good eating habits into your workout routine is crucial to the success of your health goals. By some estimates, your diet contributes to up to 80% of your overall health and weight loss, regardless of how strenuous your workout routine is. While a good workout can help you burn fat and gain muscle, it’s the food you eat that determines your overall weight and health. If you give it the right fuel, your body will burn fat all by itself. Too often, people misunderstand the most important part of their workout routines – the food they eat.

The Difference Between “Diet” and “Dieting”
One of the biggest misconceptions about diet is that people don’t fully comprehend the difference between “diet” and “dieting.” Yes – they are two completely different things. Even more shocking, dieting doesn’t work in the long run. That is why it is so important to know what your results will be when you choose between a diet and dieting. “Dieting” is sticking to a very strict and often limited meal plan for a certain period of time – often in the vicinity of 3 months or less. Dieting works when you want to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time, but will not work in the long run. Many people who are dieting gain the weight back within a month of completing it. That is because they don’t change their overall eating habits – their “diet.” Your diet is the type and amount of food you eat on a regular basis. In order to lose weight and keep it off, you need to permanently change your eating habits. In this day and age, there are endless recipes, workout routines and cookbooks available that are designed to be used long term. For example, in this particular Kayla Itsines Review, the reviewer Rachel McDermott describes how she continued to stick to the recommended diet even after the parameters of the Bikini Body Guide workout routine were complete. This is almost certainly why she gave such a positive review, and saw such good, long term results.

Why It’s Easier Than You Think
When people learn the difference between “diet” and “dieting,” they can feel daunted. Changing long term habits – especially things like your diet – can be extremely difficult. Thankfully, changing your diet is not actually as hard as it seems, especially if you are someone who had already committed to some form of dieting in the past. The good news is that because it is long term, changing to a healthy diet is never as restrictive as dieting regimes. It simply involves finding ways to reduce your portions and eat more nutrients. Over time, these changes get easier and easier and you will naturally find yourself craving the healthier choices over the unhealthy ones.

Clearly, the food you eat both during and after a workout routine are of the utmost importance to your success in health and fitness. A good, hard workout routine can be very rewarding, but with the right diet, your body can do a lot of the work for you. Now that you understand the crucial difference between your diet and “dieting,” you can start your path to a healthier you – one that will last for the long run!


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