How to Lose the Weight Without Losing the Muscle

Most people find it hard to lose weight and keep the muscle. However, it is possible to achieve both goals by working your muscles hard and burning calories to shed pounds. Here are easy-to-follow rules on how to achieve the two objectives and observe a long-term weight-loss maintenance plan.

Track fat loss instead of weight loss

You can get a lean body shape and still be energetic when you measure the right thing. You should focus on losing fat rather than losing weight. It is important to maintain muscles that will provide definition, strength and boost your metabolism by choosing a practicable weight loss regimen. Therefore, you shouldn’t just rely on the bathroom scale to tell you whether you are on the right track! Although a scale is good for tracking your progress, it tracks your overall weight including muscle, skin bones and organs.

Instead, you should focus on your overall body-fat-percentage, which is your body mass that is composed of fat. That is why fitness experts recommend that you use a mirror to analyze the slimness of your waist and firmness of your physique. If your clothes start fitting better and your full-length reflection has improved, then you can be sure that your progress is in the right direction. Since Muscle weighs more than fat by volume, the scale might not give you the best tracking results.

Prioritize protein

With a high protein intake, it is easier to lose fat and burn calories at the same. However, you need to be on an intense fitness program. Ensure that your caloric intake has more proteins. In order to get it right in your nutritional math, you can use portion-control containers to make sure that your protein intake is over one-third of the caloric intake.

Avoid starving

Cutting a lot on your caloric intake will make your body go into a conservation mode. If you want to lose fat and still keep the muscle, you have to cut just a little to avoid slowing down your metabolism and increasing your hunger hormones. In other words, it’s counterproductive to push your body to survive on the paltry few calories by starving yourself. Stick to losing one to two pounds per week, which is equivalent to less than one percent of your body weight.

Use the weight rack

Try resistance training. Although it sounds counterintuitive, it is possible to try and do something that will get you bigger in order to shed a few pounds and keep or maintain the muscle. Remember metabolically active tissue or muscle mass is very important for anyone who wants to lose fat. Muscles are responsible for circulating blood, digesting food, keeping your body active and, for this instance, burning calories.

Hence, when you start dieting without working out or strength training, you are likely to lose muscle mass, and thus an inability to burn more calories. In fact, the entire process of building muscles will ultimately help you burn fat and stay lean. Therefore, you should ensure that your body has the potential to burn calories around the clock by building muscles through strength training as you eat healthily.

Consult with the Medicine Direct weight loss experts to help you come up with a definitive weight loss regimen. Building muscles will help you achieve a long-term weight loss maintenance plan for keeping off the weight. In other words, when you build muscles, it is easier to continue burning fat and maintain a lean body.