Exercise for Weight Loss after Your Caesarean Section

Giving birth, regardless of procedure is major. Giving birth through a caesarean section is regarded a minor surgery but it is still complicated. A C-section is a major abdominal and pelvic surgery which weakens your core muscles and that means a loss or decrease of strength and stability. Best case scenario, you will be told not exercise, drive or even lift things for at least six weeks. How do you then begin to get rid of that baby fat if you cannot stand on your feet?

You need to realise that weight loss is more of a marathon than it is a sprint. This is even truer in the case of post C-section mothers. Their bodies need a lot of time to heal and stabilise before they can begin their regular exercises. If you are a new mother who went through a caesarean section and is looking to lose weight, you would go through two exercises phases before beginning active weight loss exercises.

Rehab phase

This phase is where you are working out just to stabilise your body and reawaken your muscles and it should last between 6 to 8 weeks. Below are some of the workouts you would have to do:

  1. Core breath: This is the first restorative exercise you should start with. You can start a few days after your surgery.
  2. Walks: After at least one week postpartum, you can begin to take walks. You should start with small distances and increase them over time building up one hour walks in the 6th-8th
  3. Yoga: Gentle yoga stretches can be done in this phase too
  4. Heel slides
  5. Glute bridges

Strength Training

After the 6-8 weeks of restorative exercise, you can now begin your strength training. You can start with 2 sessions in a week with each lasting about 15 minutes. As time goes one, you can increase the number of sessions in a week and the duration of each session. Exercises for strength training include:

  1. Squats (bodyweight)
  2. Side planks
  3. Split squats

Things to note

  1. Get clearance from your doctor: You should get clearance from your doctor after the rehabilitation phase to start the strength training phase. Do not proceed with any exercise if you have not gotten your doctor’s clearance.
  2. It is advised that you get a professional personal trainer to guide you through your journey post C-section. A personal trainer would know best how to craft out an exercise regime which you can follow with no harm to yourself till you get your desired weight. You can get a personal trainer via co.uk which is the leading online directory of personal trainers in the UK.


  1. Any exercise you do must not put strain on your abdominal muscles. In the rehab phase, you should not even be sitting to get out of bed, you should roll over to do so. Avoid crunches, using heavy weights, running and jumping. You must be healthy before you can lose weight.

With these tips, you should get back your post pregnancy body in no time.

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