5 Ways to Reject Thoughts of Killing Yourself

If you have reached a point in your life that makes you wish away your tomorrows, you still have hope. It may seem like your world is ending, but there are ways to overcome your darkness. It may be a bad day, week, or month, but it doesn’t have to be a bad life. The darkness won’t last forever. If you can trust yourself and have a little faith there are ways to change the thoughts in your mind.

Learn to Let Go

If you have built up guilt that is overpowering you, let it go. What happened in the past can no longer be changed, and you shouldn’t dwell on it. No matter the cause of the guilt, you can let it go. You have to live and learn. Use your guilt as a lesson to do better in the future, don’t let the guilt take away your future.

Make Healthy Choices

It is important to eat right and get enough sleep. You will be amazed at the effects a healthy lifestyle can have on your thoughts. Lack of sleep just amplifies your thoughts into negativity. Staying busy will serve as a great distraction for your thoughts. A little bit of exercise can also go a long way. Stay active and keep your mind busy.

Seek Outside Help

If you have reached a point where you can no longer fight for yourself, seek outside help. There are so many people out there who would be more than willing to assist you. If for whatever reason you are not comfortable asking family, there are still other resources at your disposal. You can seek out a counselor, a luxury drug rehab center, or support groups. People want to help you on your journey. You never have to fight alone.

Avoid Situations That Will Yield Temptation

If your thoughts are so strong that you are thinking about acting upon them sooner rather than later, it is vital to avoid temptation. Dangerous situations can cause you to think strictly on impulse. Make sure your environment is free of guns or other weapons. If you come into contact with harmful objects, entirely remove yourself from the area. Try your best to avoid any and all unnecessary risks.

Control Your Breathing

By taking control of your breathing, you are also helping put your mind in control. Slower breathing can slow your heart rate and in turn supply your brain with more oxygen. The controlled breathing also serves as a distraction for your thoughts, and keeps your mind busy.

Having suicidal thoughts can cause you to become overwhelmed and only see one way out. You don’t have to run away from your thoughts, face them head-on. You are bigger than your thoughts and you can overcome this bump in the road. Your future can be as bright as you want it to be, keep looking forward instead of back. Learn to love yourself, and accept the help of others along the way. Click here

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